What do Ferrets Like to Play With?

So what do ferret’s like to play with? Most ferrets love tunnels, and this is an extreme tunnel that is sure to provide lots of entertainment. This very flexible vinyl tunnel stretches to 20 feet and is clear so you can watch the fun. (Use with supervision to make sure the ferrets are not chewing on the vinyl.

Dog owners might be familiar with the Kong, and there is one designed for ferrets. This is a hollow rubber toy that is very hardy. It bounces and moves in ways that are unpredictable, and can be stuffed with your ferrets favorite treat to be a good distraction tool.

B000ENGOP8Marshall Ferret Sport Balls Asst, 2-Pack
Let your ferrets inner athlete out with these sports balls from Marshall. Constructed of soft fleece with a bell in the center, these toys will make the crowd go wild.

B00BCHU1W2Marshall Pull-N-Go Plaything
These cute and inexpensive plaything (comes in many different critters shapes) has a pull cord that makes it vibrate, along with a bell inside. The mixture of noise and movement should be enough to entice your ferret into a match.

B000HHJHM8Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel for Ferrets
This crinkle tunnel and ferrets love tunnels has the advantage of making sounds that are irresistible when it is run through by your ferret. About 2 feet long with a peek a boo hole in the middle.

This is a fun interactive toy for playtime, though since it is on a string it’s best simply used under supervision. It’s simply a furry thing on a string using a bell, which you are able to wiggle about to entice your ferret into a game. The downside: the stick isn’t sturdy, so bypass the multiple parts and simply use the last segment of the stick as a handle.
This fleece toy is a decent size (nearly 6 inches across) but the shape makes it easy to catch and play with. It makes crinkly sounds, making it a lot of pleasure for most ferrets, and also includes a bell. This toy is adorable and offers double function as a cozy sleeping spot and also a multi-burrow toy.


Marshall Super Thru-Way

The Marshall super thruway is trully a must have toy for any ferret owner. Expandable to 20′ with a see through design that insures you will not miss any of the tunneling action.

B0002ASBDGSuper Pet FerreTrail Playground Kit
This is supposed to be a kind of starter kit to which other elements can be added on by to, but even as a standalone it makes a nifty little ferret playground. The “Bubble Wave” tubes are a great size for ferrets to wander through and play in and may be configured as you like. This kit includes 6 Connectors, a Bubble Wave Tee, four Bubble Wave Elbows, two Bubble Wave Tubes and a Roll About Ball.

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