Bored Ferrets?


My ferret gets bored?

Because of their intelligence, ferrets will quickly map out their atmosphere and each of the things in them that take their time. This implies that if your ferret has access to a toy all day each day, he is going to get bored with that toy very fast. Then you will notice your ferret either hide it somewhere and leave it there, or ignore it completely!lord-955513-m

This really doesn’t mean that you’ve to have an infinite supply of toys! It just means you need to be creative with the ones you do have. The easiest method to get this variety is to group the playthings into a couple of groups. Then rotate the toys a couple of times a week so the playthings are efficiently “new” again since the ferret hasn’t seen them in a few days. Simply give your ferret access to it a few times per week for those who own a dig box. There are a lot of things that you can do to keep your ferret’s toys new and interesting, it merely takes a little imagination!




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